Since 1994, Goodness Properties has focused on real estate investment and community development. We are recognized for our exceptional high-end rental homes and distinct commercial properties in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

It all began with a vision of a better neighborhood.

Patrick Goodness was dismayed by the diminishing quality of our area neighborhoods. He began by purchasing the most troubled and derelict properties transforming them into fine rental homes. An abandoned lot became the home of a small neighborhood park; a closed gas station was transformed into beautiful office suites, giving new purpose to these properties and new life to our neighborhood and city. Goodness Properties now owns and leases 30 residential and commercial properties in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Why rent from Goodness Properties?

There are many Wisconsin Rapids homes available for rent. Our high-quality rental homes sometimes cost more to rent than other homes of a comparable size. Why should you pay more to rent from Goodness Properties?

  • Most of our homes have been completely remodeled...providing our tenants with almost new homes!
  • Our homes are weatherized and insulated to the highest standards and come with high-efficiency windows, high-efficiency furnaces and energy efficient appliances...providing significant savings every month. It won't matter that our beautiful home costs $75.00 more per month when you are saving $150 every month in energy savings!
  • Many of our properties have details and amenities that most landlords would never dream of including: stainless steel appliances in many homes, central air conditioning, berber carpeting, solid wood doors, finished basement areas, front porch swings, in-ground sprinkler systems, cupolas and weathervanes, picket fences high quality landscaping and much more.
  • Goodness Properties offers professional maintenance services. While many landlords try to make "temporary" household repairs that continue to be problems for their tenants, at Goodness Properties, we provide access to a team of quality repair professionals and craftsmen to get the job done right the first time...so you can get back to enjoying your beautiful home.
  • We care about our homes and our neighborhoods. While many landlords do little to improve their homes, Goodness Properties is committed to constantly improving our homes and to building stronger, more vibrant and livable neighborhoods. In addition to building beautiful homes, we also do our best to improve the neighborhood by building local parks and preserving community landmarks for future generations. We're proud of Wisconsin Rapids. And when you choose to live in one of our many fine neighborhood homes, we know you'll be proud to call Wisconsin Rapids, "home."

Military Housing Available:

Goodness Properties is happy to rent to active and retired military personnel. We offer long term residential rentals or term contract rentals to military personnel on temporary duty or relocating.

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